Favorite things : Sri Lanka 3/5


Tropical deers

The spotted deer is pure fantasy material, it doesn’t look like a wild creature at all, it’s just too well-groomed, too faithful to that Disney image of a deer.
What is it doing in Sri Lanka? How does it survive with all the snakes and leopards going around?
This looks like a mistake, but it’s also an amazing perk for you, the traveller. I have to say that we were particularly lucky in the deer department and didn’t have to haunt the natural parks to see them since our hotel on the East Coast had taken in three baby deers whose parents had been shot by hunters (Bambi wasn’t all fiction unfortunately). They were behaving pretty much like pets and  were a major center of interest for us, leading to me aksing several times a day: “I wonder what the deers are up too, wanna check?”


See these darlings in the flesh, or almost.
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