In situ : the clay lagoon, Trancoso, Brazil

In a way, Brazil delivers on a lot of the clichés (or expectations) you might have of it.
It sometimes made me feel like these 19th women with their white dresses and corsets puzzled at the idea of being covered in mud and dust in an impossibly far-flung country (The Piano comes to mind). Despite all the modernity and the SUVs you can just feel how wild and raw the country still is.
That’s how you end up covered in white clay somewhere off the Bahian coast I guess, in some sort of earthy remake of an 80’s shower gel commercial (you know the ones).


The part where I’m actually covered in clay will come too. That’s when it becomes more of an Apocalypto vibe, and you know that when the Mel Gibson reference comes up you’ve really gone wild.
This hybrid between a field trip and a spa day was organized by our hotel in Trancoso, Uxua, and this is actually quite a secret spot. 


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