The path : to the lagoon, Bahia, brazil

Remember that picture of me in a clay lagoon? Well, it took a little effort to get there.

The lagoon is hidden away next to a beach not too far from Trancoso, right in the middle of the state of Bahia. The scale of the landscape there is a good reminder of the wild and vast nature of the country: an infinite stretch of white sand, jewel-tone water, pink cliffs and sprawling vegetation of the deepest green.


More pictures of Trancoso here.

Vous vous rappelez de cette photo de moi au milieu d’un lagon d’argile? Il a fallu la mériter un peu, tout de même.

Le lagon est caché près d’une longue plage dans les environs de Trancoso, en plein milieu de l’état de Bahia. C’est le genre d’endroit qui vous remet en tête -je ne sais pas si on peut vraiment l’oublier- le côté sauvage et vaste du pays, un paysage à grande échelle avec du sable blanc qui s’étire à l’infini, de l’eau bleue comme un bijou, des falaises corail et une végétation d’un vert profond qui s’insinue partout.


Plus de photos de Trancoso par ici.


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    Beautiful photos!!

  • […] Then, we were off to Porto Seguro airport, which is not too far from the coastal village of Trancoso, in the middle of the state of Bahia, where the weather is supposed to always be sunny. I can’t speak for the rest of the year, but at least it was when we were there! This was a major change a scenery, suddenly we were in the countryside, by the sea and experiencing a much more authentic (in the sense of not urbanized, modernized and closer to a “wilder” aesthetic) side of the country. In the first few hours we might actually have thought we would never leave! We had our own little house in the hotel, which made it feel so welcoming, and of course it had all the seduction of this part of the tropics (the warm nights, the music, the marmosets, the fruits, the vegetation, the water…!). […]

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