The scene : a marmoset’s breakfast, Trancoso, Brazil

Taking pictures of marmosets in Brazil must be the equivalent of photographing cats in Greece (which I also do but keep myself from posting!). Therefore, I do apologize in advance to those for whom this is the most trivial things, and will understand if in return you feel like instagramming pigeons next time you come to Paris.

Going to Brazil, I was bracing myself for the kind of animals that put the wild into wildlife. The truth is, we ended up seeing mostly tiny, fluffy and fearless creatures (this sures gives off a different vibe than the sight of a giant anteater which I kept dreading to see coming out of the bushes). So, let’s go back to that marmoset. You can’t tell from the picture, but I’m standing less than a meter away from that seven inches high guy who’s munching on a banana like he’s got no care in the world. It’s really a troubling moment, being able to observe a wild animal from up-close, and a monkey even more so. I wish I could be so carefree!


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